Jason No Beard


Welcome to beardoilrecipes.com, my name is Jason.

For most of my adult life, I was always under the impression that I couldn’t grow facial hair. I’m ethnically half Chinese/French, so I figured that my Asian genes simply took over my ability to grow a full beard and accepted that I should forever remain clean shaven (lest I look like a scraggly man-child trying to look like something I’m not).

By age 29 I thought, what the heck, and I decided to see what my beard growing potential really was, so I stopped shaving.

The result wasn’t the greatest beard you’ve ever seen, but to my great satisfaction, it was a beard nonetheless.

That’s when I started looking into beard hygiene and discovered the fascinating world of essential oils. I learned that different carrier oils and essential oils, each having their own aromatic and therapeutic properties could be combined together to make beard oils that could keep my beard healthy while giving me all the added benefits of essential oils.

I wanted to experiment with different recipes so I scraped the internet for ideas, then tried to come up with my own. I then created this website to serve as a resource for anyone looking to make their own beard oil, or to learn more about the fascinating properties of essential oils.