How To Choose The Best Beard Brush For Your Beard

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Men's Natural Boar Bristle Beard Moustache Brush With Round Wood HandleDo you want your beard to grow longer and stronger? Or are you happy with the way it is now? Regardless, you’re going to need to brush and comb it daily, so pay attention to this article, because in it you will learn how to choose the best beard brush for your type of beard.

Beard grooming and brushing is especially important for men who have coarse, curly beards. Brushing the beard daily has many benefits which we will discuss in this article. I will also be reviewing 2 of the top beard brushes available on Amazon.

Why Should You Brush Your Beard Daily?

Correct beard brushing has many health benefits:

  1. It stimulates blood circulation to the hair follicles


  1. Daily brushing can remove dust, dandruff and stray hair.


  1. Regular brushing can make coarse beards smoother and shinier


  1. Beard brushing with a good brush can remove product buildup from the hair


  1. It can prevent ingrown hair and razor bumps


  1. Brushing is necessary to detangle hair and reduce flyaway or stray hair


You should ideally brush your beard twice a day, morning and night. It is a good idea to brush prior to shampooing your beard.

When Should You Not Brush Your Beard?

There are some times when you should not brush your beard.

  • When you have open wounds or acne
  • Avoid brushing if your skin is irritated
  • Prior to or immediately after a chemical treatment, hair lightening, bleaching etc as per the instructions of the stylist.

How To Brush Your BeardMen's Natural Boar Bristle Beard Moustache Brush With Round Wood Handle

A thorough brushing before shampooing is a great way to maintain your beard’s health. Before we discuss which the best beard brush is, let us review some important instructions to keep in mind while brushing.

  • Always pay attention to the pressure while brushing


  • You may use a round beard brush or a rectangular one. I will shortly discuss how to choose the best beard brush for your needs


  • Begin brushing the ends of the beard first. In case of long beards, this step is necessary to detangle and loosen the ends. You can then slowly start brushing downwards from skin to the ends. This will prevent stress or friction on the beard hair and avoid hair breakage


  • You can also use beard oil or beard balm before brushing the beard. A good beard oil conditions the beard and is necessary to prevent dryness of hair. This can enhance the brushing action. Men with specific issues like ringworm, dandruff etc must also use a beard oil with tea tree oil etc. Avoid sharing your beard brush with anyone in such a case


  • If your beard is very highly tangled, use a wide toothed comb first to detangle the hair gently. After all the hair has been detangled, you can use the brush to finish grooming the beard


How to Choose The Best Beard Brush

There are many different types of beard brushes available in the market but the best ones come with natural bristles. Natural bristles like boar bristles have tiny overlapping scales which clean and add luster to the hair. They also have a cuticle that does an excellent job of removing minute particles of dust and dirt from the hair without irritating the skin. Nylon brushes irritate the skin and do not do much for stimulating circulation.

Boar Bristle BrushesBeard Brushes and Combs - Boar Bristle Beard Brush

Boar bristle brushes provide two main benefits: exfoliation and stimulation of lymph flow. They also absorb the oils and serums you use on your beard along with natural oils and spread them evenly throughout the hair.

Start by using the brush at the end of the beards to remove larger tangles and then move evenly through the beard. This will stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles. A proper and thorough brushing using boar bristle brush should ideally precede shampooing.

Apart from boar bristle brushes, you can also use goat hair brushes.

Plastic or WoodMen's Natural Boar Bristle Beard Moustache Brush With Round Wood Handle

The handle of the brush you use also makes a huge difference in the final outcome of your beard’s appearance. I prefer wooden handles which have the boar bristles attached directly to the wood. This way, the brush does not pull or damage your hair. So avoid plastic or other synthetic handles.

Size and Shape of Beard

Your beard’s thickness will also determine the width of the ideal brush. If you have a long bushy and thick beard, the brush should also be thick and ideally rectangular in shape. For guys with thinner, shorter beards, go for smaller brushes that are round in shape.

Shape of BrushBeard Brushes and Combs

Here are some pointers to bear in mind as far as the beard’s shape is concerned:

  • Round brush-These are ideal for straightening long or short curly hair. You can also get bouncier curls with this shape.
  • Paddle brush-Wide, flat paddle brushes are ideal for sleek, straight beards.
  • Oval brushes-Oval brushes are great for penetrating coarse, thick beards.

Top Beard Brush ReviewsSmooth Viking Beard Brush and Beard Comb

Smooth Viking Beard Brush

The Smooth Viking beard brush is made using 100% natural black boar brush while the handle is made with 100% wood. It disperses beard oil properly throughout the beard and also removes tangles. Many users have loved this brush as it does not pull hair and is very smooth.

On the down side, the bristles fall off in the beginning (but this tapers off as you start using the brush regularly).

Zeus Beard Brush

Zeus Beard Brush

This brush is made in Germany. It has 3 rows of firm cut natural boar bristle hair. Its

pocket size makes it travel friendly. The firm grip offers supreme taming and detangling without pain. Apply a bit of oil or balm on the beard and then use the Zeus to firmly spread the product throughout the bead. This brush comes with an attractive bag for storage.


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