Why are Beards So Popular?

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Beard of a WoodsmanIf you were to look back in the history books or perform an online search, you would see that beards have always been popular. Not only have presidents, kings, celebrities and many other significant people worn them, even average men in the middle and lower classes have made their way down the streets of their city wearing their beards proudly. While everyone back in the day had a face full of hair, their reasons for doing so may have been very different in comparison to the men of today. Regardless, having a beard is one trend that has caught on and may be staying put for a while.

To understand why beards are so popular, you have to look at why men wear them and how beards make men feel.

Beards Make People Feel More Attractive

In an age where looks are everything and people value your appearance more than your thoughts, men and women both feel pressure to look attractive at all times. If you were to ask a group of women how they feel about beards, it is likely that many of them would choose to have a man with a beard over one without. There is just something sexy and manly about a man who is capable of growing a full beard that draws women in. In fact, there have been several studies that have found that women see men with beards as more healthy and more attractive than men without. And, because men know this (whether consciously or not), they opt to grow a beard instead of running around with a bare, smooth face.

Beards Make People Feel Manly And RuggedBearded Dude in Checkered Shirt

Men don’t really like to be viewed as sensitive or “soft.” They want people to see them as manly and, in some situations, rugged. For quite some time, along with behaving in a way that could be considered masculine, men have wanted to look the part. Some of the toughest, most manly men in movies, on television and in real life have beards. When looking at a man’s appearance, there are a few ways people can tell that he is manly. Having a beard is one way that men have achieved this look and lead people to believe certain things about them.

Caring For A Beard Has Become More Manageable

Anyone with hair on their head knows how troublesome it can be to care for it at times, so they can expect that having a beard would produce similar feelings of annoyance and frustration. Having a beard can sometimes be a hassle, especially if you don’t care for it properly. They can become dry and itchy, which is why some people may choose to shave rather than leave the hair on their face. As more men grow beards, the need for products to care for them has increased. This means that there are actually really great products available that will help people keep their beards looking healthy, but also prevent it from becoming dry and itchy. Ultimately, this make it more tolerable, but also, men look more attractive with a beard that is combed, trimmed and soft.

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The world is constantly changing, and as it does, people’s interests do too. Trends come and go, so it is hard to say how long beards will last and if they will ever decrease in popularity. Considering men have been wearing them for thousands of years, some people may think they are here to stay. People may change the length or color of their beards, but it’s possible that this trend is one that people will just have to get used to seeing every day.

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