If you’re wondering where to get beard oils for effective therapeutic use, it is crucial that you source your beard oil from a reputable vendor. Beard oils comprise of essential oils mixed with conditioning agents and carrier oils. Sure, your beard oil might smell highly aromatic but if it is a synthetic imitation of the deal, it will not be metabolized by your skin and hair. In even worse cases, it might not be effectively absorbed nor excreted by normal pathways like skin and kidneys, leading to rashes, pimples, itchiness or burning pain.

Commercial Beard Oils

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Beard oils from OneDTQ

Commercial beard oils are available through retailers, both online and offline. But, manufacturers of beard oils often do not give adequate importance to the medicinal properties of the oil and only focus on aroma and uniformity. The growers of essential oil components often tailor their products to suit these requirements, and in the process, cut corners to save money and expenses.

Under the tag of beard oils, many synthetic products are sold containing diluted vegetable protein oils along with artificial synthetic reproductions of so called pure essential oils. The product therefore contains very little quantity of the real oil. They do this because it is very expensive to produce real essential oils.

Many manufacturers of beard oils also mix two or more oils. If the mixer is highly experienced the result might be fragrant beard oil but it may not necessarily have the antimicrobial properties you might be hoping to gain. Pure essential oils are a little more expensive, but well worth it. Sometimes, the blended beard oil may be close match and good enough-but if you are battling ringworm or some other beard problem, then you would need the genuine stuff only.

Many unscrupulous and unknowledgeable dealers also try to pass off beard oils as pure essential oils in a carrier base. You can easily spot the fake ones, because the oil appears to be very heavy where genuine beard oils are light and easily absorbed. A good test in this case is a tissue paper test-try dropping a few drops of beard oil on a tissue paper. The oil should be readily absorbed. If it is not, it will leave behind an oily patch which indicates greater percentage of carrier oil, resins and petroleum products.

Production of pure quality essential oils is very intricate, as you need at least one or two tons of flowers, tree barks, fruits or seeds for expelling just one pound of essential oil. Also, the manufacturers and growers need to pay special attention to the time, weather and expulsion conditions when extracting the oil and monitor these conditions throughout the process.

Where to Buy Beard Oils?

When you buy beard oils, begin with shops and retailers that are known to pay attention to health and nutrition. This means you must not source your beard oil from your regular drugstores or perfumeries or even your local grocery store or supermarket. Over time and with regular use, you will become an expert in identifying the real products and staying away from the fake ones. Good beard oil will call out to you and you will also see the results in the form of healthy, luscious and shiny beard. Remember that good beard oils are not the ones that smell pretty but the ones that show you the results and are light, mildly fragrant and easily absorbed.

I have found that it is best to stick with companies who specialize solely on beard products. I have a list of reviews of website where you can buy beard oils from.

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Solution And Safety Tips For Using Beard Oils

  • Avoid contact with the eyes. If contact occurs, make sure you rinse immediately.
  • Wash your hands before and after applying beard oil.
  • Always perform a patch test before application. This may be done by applying a few drops behind your ear lobes. Let sit overnight without rinsing or washing. If you experience tingling, pain, or itchiness, then you may be allergic to the oils. If no redness or inflammation occurs, go ahead and use the beard oil.
  • Always mix pure essential oils with carrier oils like Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond oil or Jojoba oil.
  • Do note that many essential oils are contraindicated when suffering from health conditions like hypertension, asthma etc. Avoid beard oils containing Hyssop, sage and rosemary if you suffer from high blood. pressure. If needed, dilute the oils further when applying.
  • Thyme, cinnamon, clove and birch essential oils are skin irritants and must not be used directly near open wounds, acne etc.