How to Make a Flower Beard – In 3 Simple Steps

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When people want to be fashionable and trendy, they will try things out to see if they like it and what may not work best for them. With beards being all the rage right now, people may have noticed that men are going the extra mile to care for their facial hair and keep themselves looking good. Along with combing, washing and conditioning, people have been decorating their beards and adorning them some very interesting items, including flowers.

Flower beards, which has been rumored to have gotten its start due to photographer Pierce Thiot’s love for placing objects in his beard, is starting to gain in popularity. Like most trends, when first hearing about flowers beards people questioned why any man would do this and what look they are trying to achieve. For some, it is a way to express themselves and is really no different than a woman placing a crown made of flowers atop her head. Regardless of the reason, flower beards are growing in popularity and more and more men are heading to their local florist to pick up a few flowers to enhance their looks and be a bit more fashionable.

For those interested, below you can find info about what is needed to make a flower beard and the steps to follow to get the look.

What you need:






1. Choose your flowers

The size of the flowers makes a huge difference in how your beard will look and feel after the flowers are added to it. Making a flower beard is fairly simple, but to ensure the flowers are secure, you have to pick ones that are small and light enough so that you are comfortable and not weighed down. Daisies and hydrangeas are wise choices because they are beautifully colored and lightweight. Should you be wearing them for a special occasion, such as a wedding or birthday party, you can choose flowers that match the decor. You can also choose your flowers according to what color shirt you are wearing that day.

2. Prepare flowers for placement
After picking your flowers, you can’t just stick them in your beard and hope that they will stay put all day. With that being the case, you will be using honey to make sure they stay in place. Depending on how long the flower stems are, you will first want to trim them down or separate them from the flower, so only a small part remains. Using tweezers, take a flower and dip the tip of the stem in honey, making sure you take enough to properly secure the flower in place.

3. Place flowers in beard

After you have dipped the stem of the flower into honey using the tweezers, it is time to place it in your beard. At this point, you will want to decide if you want to fill your beard with flowers or only place a few throughout. After choosing where you will place the first flower, firmly poke it through your beard. Repeat steps 1 to 3 until you have placed the desired amount of flowers in your beard.

There are a variety of things that people will do to express themselves and enhance their looks. With trends often changing and interests doing the same, what people may think is attractive or acceptable will change as well, so there is never any telling what will be the next great beard decoration. Although weaving flowers into a beard may not be the first thing people think of doing when they wake up and start to get ready for their day, it is an option that many have enjoyed taking advantage of recently.

A flower or two, from us to you.

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