Top 29 Most Cost Effective Beard Oil Brands

For those of us growing beards, we want to be able to care for our beards without breaking the wallet. Making your own beard oil at home, while fun, can be very costly because of all the different ingredients that are required to make a good beard oil.

There is no question that there are savings to be had if you buy a beard oil brand that is pre-made. But these days, with the explosion in popularity in beards and beard oil brands, there are dozens and dozens of vendors out there. It would require a great deal of time to research all of the different available brands to find the most cost-effective ones.

That’s why I decided to do the research for you and post it all in this article for your benefit.

What you will find below is 29 of the top beard oil brands. I have organised them from the most cost-effective to least. To determine the cost effectiveness of each brand I simply divided the cost of the bottle by the bottle size. The brand with the lowest cost/oz are the brands which will give you the most beard oil for your money.

All price were researched on January 4th, 2017

Product Image

Brand Name


Bottle Size

Cost / oz

Cheapest Beard Oil Fat Savage $4.74 2 oz $2.37
2nd Cheapest Beard Oil Botanical Skin Works $9.99 4 oz $2.50
3rd Cheapest Beard Oil Modern Man $9.49 2 oz $4.75
4th Cheapest Beard Oil Beard Oil $4.99 1 oz $4.99
5th Cheapest Beard Oil Brooklyn Botany $10.37 2 oz $5.19
6th Cheapest Beard Oil Art Naturals $11.35 2 oz $5.68
7th Cheapest Beard Oil Mountaineer Brand $11.88 2 oz $5.94
8th Cheapest Beard Oil Urban Prince $12.97 2 oz $6.49
Cheapest Beard Oil Dr. eNatural $12.99 2 oz $6.50
10th Cheapest Beard Oil Honest Amish $13.18 2 oz $6.60
11th Cheapest Beard Oil Wild Willie $14.77 2 oz $7.39
12th Cheapest Beard Oil Beard Gains $14.99 2 oz $7.50
13th Cheapest Beard Oil Rogue Beard Company $9.97 1 oz $9.97
14th Cheapest Beard Oil Grave Before Shave $39.99 4 oz $10.00
15th Cheapest Beard Oil Inglorious Fuzz $10.89 1 oz $10.89
16th Cheapest Beard Oil The Blades Grim $10.99 1 oz $10.99
17th Cheapest Beard Oil Beard Hunk (No, this is not my brand, but their logo looks quite suspiciously similar to mine … ) $11.95 1 oz $11.95
18th Cheapest Beard Oil Drunken Caveman $12.15 1 oz $12.15
19th Cheapest Beard Oil Laven Rose $13.27 1 oz $13.27
20th Cheapest Beard Oil Grave $13.99 1 oz $13.99
21th Cheapest Beard Oil Beard Right $13.99 1 oz $13.99
22nd Cheapest Beard Oil Badass Beard Care $14.99 1 oz $14.99
23nd Cheapest Beard Oil Beardbrand $15 1 oz $15
24th Cheapest Beard Oil GBS $15.98 1 oz $15.98
25th Cheapest Beard Oil Beard and Lady $15.99 1 oz $15.99
26th Cheapest Beard Oil The Gentlemen’s Beard $19.97 1 oz $19.97
27th Cheapest Beard Oil The American Beard Company $19.99 1 oz $19.99
28th Cheapest Beard Oil The Bearded Bastard $20 1 oz $20
29th Cheapest Beard Oil Jack Black Authentic & Original $24 1 oz $24


So there you have it! In the above chart, you will find beard oils for as low as $2.37 per ounce all the up to $24.00 per ounce. That’s quite a spread!

My Thoughts

Many people assume that making something yourself is cheaper than buying it from a store. In the case of bear oils, this is only true if you plan to mass produce beard oil, which you would only do if you planned on selling it.

Even the most expensive brand in the table above, Jack Black Authentic & Original at $24 per ounce is less expensive than buying all the ingredients for even a modest beard oil recipe that only calls for a few ingredients.

Notice that some brands such as Beard Gains, Drunken Cavemen and Beard Right come with extra goodies like beard combs and beard balm. This might be a good buy for you if you don’t have a beard comb yet.

If you’re someone who uses beard oil very often and go through a lot of it, the Grave Before Shave variety 4-pack would allow you switch us the blend every once in a while instead of always using the same old product. It’s $10 per once, but the cost savings are huge compared to buying all the ingredients needed to make 4 different recipes of beard oils on your own.

Your Thoughts?

What’s your favourite beard oil brand? Let me know in the comments below, and if it’s not already part of table, I will add it for everyone’s benefit.

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