Does Shaving Make Your Beard Grow Thicker (And Other Beard Myths!)

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In 2017 is hard to believe that some of these ideas are still floating around and that even grown men fall for them. Among them is the ‘does shaving make your beard grow thicker?” myth. Part of the reason for that is that there is no shortage of so-called ‘hair care gurus’, well-known beard stylists, and even multibillion-dollar men’s products companies around to keep these old wives’ tales alive.

Let us find out whether shaving indeed makes your beard hair grow faster, thicker and stronger as well as other myths that can harm your beard.

Does Shaving Make Your Beard Grow Thicker - Magic PillMyth #1: Are there magic pills, balms and potions to make your beard grow faster and thicker?

Unfortunately not! The length and thickness of our beards, just like our scalp hair, is predetermined by our genetic makeup, lifestyle and diet. Currently, there is no pill in the market that can work directly at the genetic level. So there is no hope that your facial hair will grow faster with such products.

However, you can use certain hair vitamins that can correct deficiencies which may be the root cause of hair fall. These basic vitamins and minerals can certainly bring about slight improvement in your beard growth but you must not rely on them alone. A healthy, balanced diet is what will provide you with all the nourishment your beard needs to grow thicker and faster. The excess supplements will only be flushed out of the body.

Does Shaving Make Your Beard Grow Thicker - TrimmingMyth #2: Does shaving your beard make it grow faster?

Facial hair, like your scalp hair, is made of dead cells. Cutting the ends of the beard will have no effect on what happens at the skin level. Your beard grows at the same predetermined rate each month and each strand also grows at the same predetermined thickness as before.

Trimming or cutting the beard often gives the impression of a ‘thicker and fuller’ beard but that is only because the ends are all have clear end points. As the beard starts to grow out, the same thinness of hair or patchy beard starts becoming visible. The older hairs will be replaced by newer hairs and faster growing hairs will continue to grow at their rapid rate.

Myth #3: The more expensive a product, the better it will be!

Not necessarily. It is always extremely important to read the ingredients in a product. Chemicals can actually do a lot of damage to your facial hair. That is why I prefer making my own beard oils. This way, I know exactly what is going in them. Many high end products available commercially are formulated with cheap ingredients. So it is best to control what you use on your beard by making simple beard oils at home. Essential oils, when sourced from the right vendors can also be expensive but a small amount goes a long way and you can use them to make a large batch for daily use. Also, the benefits you reap from these oils will make it worth in the end.

Does Shaving Make Your Beard Grow Thicker - WashingMyth #4: Can washing your beard too often cause dryness?

Unlike your scalp hair, beard hair comes in contact more often with water. So, yes, beard hair tends to be subjected to more wear and tear than scalp hair. That is why it is even more important to use the right beard shampoo and follow up with a beard balm or beard conditioner. The right products can help your beard retain moisture and you can cleanse your beard hair as often as you like without having to worry about dry, frizzy and fly-away beards.

Remember: water is not the enemy here. It is the improper beard shampoo and mediocre conditioner that is to blame. Using the right pre and post beard cleansing products will help your facial hair retain moisture so they shine with health.

Does Shaving Make Your Beard Grow Thicker - Split EndsMyth #5: Split ends of beard hair can be repaired

No matter what a product claims, beard split ends cannot be repaired. Most hair care products are loaded with silicones that only smoothen the hair and mask the damage. Not only do these products cause build up, they also lead to greater damage in the longer run. These products are also bad for the health and environment. Frequent cutting and trimming of beard is the best way to keep split ends at bay. You must also use beard oils to condition the beard and eat a healthy diet full of proteins and B-vitamins to strengthen the hair shaft.

Myth #6: It is important to change the beard shampoo from time to time

Please lay this myth to rest. Does Shaving Make Your Beard Grow Thicker - Beard ShampooPeople believe that changing their beard shampoo frequently keeps their beard hair from getting used to the ingredients in it. As long as you use a good quality beard shampoo that is suitable for your hair and skin, change is not needed.

Myth #7: While growing a beard, you do not need to do anything

This is the worst myth of them all. A beard needs utmost attention and care in its formative months. Chances are that your skin will be terribly itchy when you first stop shaving. So, you must give your hair and skin a lot of tender love and care! Apply beard oils regularly to soothe the itch and moisturize your skin. Doing so will also keep acne at bay. Also, trim the beard every now and then to give it a proper shape.

Conclusion: Does shaving make your hair grow back thicker (or faster)?

Many boys ‘borrow’ their father’s razor to trim their non-existing facial hair believing that their moustache or beard will grow thicker and faster. Despite what millions of men think: shaving or trimming one’s beard, or any hair on any other body part for that matter, will not make it grow any faster. Neither will it change the texture and thickness of your hair.

When this myth was born is not clear but it has been around for more than a century! The only reason for the illusion that hair grows thicker and darker once shaved is because hair is always rougher and coarser at the roots. That is why the bristly stubble that arises when you shave is more noticeable than the same amount of growth in strands that are already long.

I hope I have debunked all your beard myths today!

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