How To Make Beard Oil From Home In Under 5 Minutes

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How To Make Beard Oil From Home In Under 5 Minutes

Making beard oils is not only fun and economical, it’s surprisingly easy. In this article I will explain how you can make your very own unique beard oil from home in less than 5 minutes.

To make your own beard oil at home, you will only need a few simple things. Most you will already have, but others you may need to go out and buy or order online.

Beard oil ingredients

Here’s what you’ll need: How To Make A Beard Oil

  • Empty sealable container
  • Microwave safe glass
  • Spoon
  • Virgin coconut oil
  • Your choice of essential oils

The reason I’m recommending you use virgin coconut oil, is because it makes everything a lot easier. Virgin coconut oil happens to be a solid at room temperature. That means that it’ll be very easy to store. You can empty out virtually any small sealable container and use it for your beard oil.

If you use a carrier oil that is liquid at room temperature (most carrier oils), you’re going to need a bottle with a special slow-drip tip attachment, which isn’t something most people have lying around the house. I suppose they wouldn’t be too hard to acquire, but I like keeping things as simple and inexpensive as possible.

WhaHow To Make A Beard Oilt I have found works extremely well to hold your virgin coconut oil based beard oil are emptied out hair product containers. In a never ending quest to find a hair product that has the right hold and texture for me, I’ve ended up with a lot of small, partially empty containers with twist off caps. Whenever I need a container for a beard oil I’m making, I just grab an old hair product that’s almost empty or that I didn’t like, empty and clean it out, and I’ve got the perfect home for my new and awesome beard oil.

Beard oil preparation

The first thing you need to do is grab your spoon, and scoop a few spoon fulls of virgin coconut oil into your empty glass.

Once you’ve done that, head on over to your microwave and stick it in. Heat up your virgin coconut oil until it completely melts. 30 – 40 seconds should do it.

When you take it out of the microwave, give it a good swirl to make sure there are no unmelted chunks left.

Now you want to add your essential oils to the coconut oil. This is the fun and creative part. You can test out different combinations to get the perfect smell you’ve always wanted, or you can follow some pre-made recipes.

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If you’re making your own, just remember that when it comes to essential oils, a little goes a long way. You don’t want to pour a whole bottle into your beard oil, or you’re going to have very unhappy skin, nose, and How To Make A Beard Oilfriends. A few drops of each scent is usually enough.

Once you’ve added your essential oils and you’re happy with your new creation, swirl the mixture around in the glass to make sure all the ingredients are evenly distributed.

Now all you have to do is wait until the virgin coconut oil re-solidifies. At this point it’s normal to be excited about your new beard oil, but don’t just sit there and watch it solidify. The process can take can a couple of hours so go off and do something you’ve been putting off for way too long, and come back to your beard oil later. If you’re that impatient to try out your new beard oil, you can always put it in the fridge to make it solidify faster.

Once it has solidified, you’re ready to start using it.

Application of your beard oil

Before you start sticking your fingers into your beard oil and running them all over your face, make sure you wash your hands.How To Make A Beard Oil

With one finger, dig into the bear oil and take a small scoop out. You will notice the solid oil start to melt instantly in your fingers (unless you have really really cold hands). Rub your scoop of beard oil between your hands for a few seconds and it’ll be completely melted and spread out over your palms.

The last step it just to run your palms throughout your whole beard, making sure to get it into every nook and cranny, spreading the beard oil everywhere.

Correction, the real last step is actually to congratulate yourself on making your beard look and smell like a million bucks.

Good job!

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