Best Beard Softener Products And Recipes

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Beard Softener products - Coarse Beard Hair
A coarse dry beard.

Your beard can make or break your personality. Its style, shape and texture all impact the way you look. If groomed correctly, your beard can enhance your features and personality in a big way.

Today, I am going to talk about how to condition and soften coarse beard hair using the best beard softener products. I have also come up with a fantastic beard softener recipe containing the best essential oils and it can go a long way in changing your beard’s appearance.

Before we discuss some of the best beard softening products available out there, I am going to touch base on different hair types. This is because; your inherent hair type decides your beard’s texture. Of course, a healthy diet and proper grooming can all improve your hair’s texture. Here are different hair types so you choose the right product:

Fine Hair

Fine hair is the type where the beard hair has thin strands, is limp and flat and does not have much body. If your scalp hair is fine, then chances are that your beard hair is fine too. You can use beard softener balms and oils to add volume and also protect the beard from further damage.

Medium Hair

Beard Softener products - soft Beard Hair
A soft beard.

This hair type holds volume easily and is also easy to style. Medium hair type has good elasticity and you can use different styles and tools to give it any desired shape.

Coarse Hair

Coarse beard hair can be rather dry and bulky. While it has a lot of volume, it can be hard to shape and control at will. Coarse beard hair needs the most amount of grooming. You must use a good quality conditioning beard oil recipe alongside some beard softener recipes to make it more manageable.
Now that you have identified your beard hair type, we will discuss some daily grooming tips to soften the beard.

Daily Beard Softening Tips

1. Diet

Your beard’s texture is determined, first and foremost, by your diet and lifestyle. Eat a healthy diet and try to minimize stress by exercising, doing some meditation or deep breathing daily. Avoid taking medication unnecessarily as it could lead to coarse, dry and frizzy beard hair as well as hair loss.

2. Hygiene

Beard hygiene can also reflect on your beard’s texture. Keep your facial hair shiny and clean by using a good quality beard shampoo. Avoid using scalp shampoo on the beard since the ph of your facial hair and skin is different from that of the scalp hair.

3. Shampoo at least 2-3 times a week

How often you wash your beard depends on the area you live in, the kind of work you do, your health, and whether or not you sweat or workout etc. If you have a very oily skin type or suffer from issues like tinea, dandruff etc, then you must wash your beard at least twice a week with a medicated or herbal beard shampoo. Commercial beard shampoos can sometimes be harsh on the beard and can make it drier and frizzier. Choose a product that moisturizes and hydrates the beard hair. Do not forget to condition daily using a good quality beard conditioner.

4. Brush your beard daily

Beard Softener products - boar bristle beard brush
Boar bristle beard brush

A thorough brushing can help keep your beard hair from getting tangled. Brushing also enhances circulation and stimulates the hair follicles and can also keep away dandruff. Use a gentle boar bristle brush which it is gentle on the hair cuticles compared to plastic combs and imparts shine to dry, frizzy beard hair.

5. Beard oils

Beard oils are the best beard softeners you can use. The best part is: you can make them at home and control their quality. I have discussed many beard softening and conditioning recipes on this website. I have also discussed my favorite beard softener recipe in this guide below.

Best Beard Softener Products

Cremo Beard Softener

This is one of the best beard softeners available on the market. It really softens scruffy, scraggly beards but you have to be patient and use it daily to see results. On the downside, it has a medicinal smell.

Beard Softener Products - Cremo beard scruff softener

Gentlemen’s Beard Oil

This is a highly popular beard softener and thousands of men have benefited from its high Vitamin E and evening primrose oil content. You can use it on dry or wet beards and it also works fantastically on split ends. Gentlemen’s beard oil also controls itching and flaking. For some men, the product was a bit too oily.

 Beard Softener Products - Gentlemen's Beard Oil

Rugged Roots Beard Balm

This is another wonderful beard softener and conditioner product that contains jojoba oil, argan oil, grape seed oil and Vitamin E. It hydrates, nourishes and conditions dry beard and also keeps the skin moisturized without clogging the pores.

 Beard Softener Products - Rugged Roots Beard

Shea Moisture Three Butters

Shea moisture contains coconut, sandalwood and jojoba oil all of which hydrate, nourish and soften the beard. It is a wonderful pre-shave oil too. Sandalwood oil provides anti aging benefits as well.

 Beard Softener Products - Shea Moisture Three Butters

Homemade Beard Softener Recipe

If you are not too fond of using commercial beard softener products, you can make your own beard softener oil at home.

Here is one of my favorite beard softener oil blends:

  • 1 oz of jojoba oil
  • 6 drops of orange essential oil
  • 4 drops of neroli essential oil
  • 4 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 3 drops of lemon essential oil

In a glass bottle, add the jojoba oil followed by the essential oils using a dropper. Shake the bottle to mix all the oils well. Apply the oil all over your beard. You may massage it using circular motion. Let the oils deep condition the beard while you sleep. You can shampoo off the next morning, though this blend is not too greasy so you can leave it in your beard all day. This will help protect the beard from environmental factors that dry up beard hairs. Its gentle soothing aroma will also uplift your spirits.


If your beard hair looks good, you automatically feel good. A beard can be the single most important factor for a man looking neat and well put together. Do try the above beard softener recipes and beard softener products to tame hard-to-handle beards and look great all day!

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