Beard Oil Recipe Ingredients – The Essential Oils

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The ingredients that will make your beard oil distinct and unique are the essential oils you choose to add to the mix.

Essential OilsEssential oils are natural extracts from the stems, flowers, roots, bark and other parts of plants. The essential oils are what gives plants their distinctive smells, as well as what protect them from being eaten and getting diseased. These essential oils have been extracted and used for centuries by humans for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Every essential oil has a different aroma and a different therapeutic effect. When building you beard oil recipe, you will be combining different essential oils with your carrier oil in order to arrive to a finished product.

Many essential oils have powerful cleansing properties and are naturally anti-bacterial. Due to their unique chemical structure, essential oils can be directly absorbed through the skin and they provide for immediate response where it is applied. Certain essential oils can also be used as food, where they help to promote vitality and well-being. Essential oils are very clean and are easily and immediately absorbed by the skin. Clean and pure essential oils are transparent, but range in color from crystal clear to deep blue.

Essential oils are easy to use and at the same time bring profound life changing results. Depending on the essential oil and the desired therapeutic effect, the following  are some of the most widely used applications of essential oils:

Aromatic Use

Aromatic UseScent affects your body and emotions. It stimulates your hormones and affects your metabolism. Aromatherapy is based on the predictable response of the human body, in particular, to specific sensory stimuli.

Advantages of using aromatics: Purifies the air from unwanted odors and germs, opens the airways, has a positive effect on your mood (for example anger or anxiety).

Suggestions for aromatic use: Inhale the oil via a diffuser (use 4 drops in an evaporator), inhale the oil from your hands by rubbing a drop of oil in your palms, put a drop of oil on your pillow at bedtime.

For the evaporation of essential oils you should use a low-heat diffuser. This ensures that the chemical structure of the essential oil is retained and will ensure the effectiveness of the oil.

Aromatic Apply directly to the skin

Essential Oils On SkinIf you acquire a high quality, natural essential oil, they are safe for the skin. Their chemical structure ensures that they are readily absorbed through the skin. If you locally apply essential oils to the skin, you almost immediately feel the benefits. Because of their healing, soothing and antiseptic properties, essential oils are widely used in massage and beauty treatments.

Suggestions for external use: Apply the oil on the head, the feet, behind the ears, chest and back, apply the oil directly on the problem area, apply 1-2 drops of oil on the affected area and rub it gently in order to promote the circulation and absorption, rub 1-2 drops of oil into the soles.

Note: The pores of the feet are bigger than the other pores, causing absorption is very fast. The oil penetrates within 20 seconds in the bloodstream and has an effect on the entire body.

Aromatic Ingestion

Ingest Essential OilsYou can also use essential oils as dietary supplements in order to support your health. Internal use of essential oils does vary depending on the kind and manufacture!

Suggestions for internal use: Put 1-2 drops of oil under your tongue and let it soak, add 1-2 drops of oil to a glass of water and drink up, mix a few drops of oil with honey or milk and take in, put a few drops of vegetable oil into an empty gel capsule (available at health food stores or pharmacies) and take it as a pill.

Note: Not all essential oils are suitable for internal use. Always check the label before you take an essential oil or a food supplement! (‘For dietary use’ means that the oil or the food supplement can be taken.)

Beard oils!

Beard OilEssential oils are crucial ingredients in beard oil recipes. On this website, you will find out what essential oils can be used in beard oil recipes, and what each one adds to the final mix.

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